Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new wave of distrust hits financial markets

May 25 (Bloomberg) -- The rate banks say they pay for three-month loans in dollars climbed for an 11th day as concern mounted that Europe’s debt crisis will prompt financial institutions to question one another’s creditworthiness.
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Comment: Their is too much focus on the euro when in fact the whole financial system is fake and corrupt to the bone. My analysis that "the financial crisis is not over. Neither tax rebates nor low interest rates nor higher or lower exchange rates can do the job of reviving an economy that is burdened by debt loads that are too high. On the contrary: the policy measures that the US authorities have been applying will prolong the agony. Be prepared for the challenges of extended financial turmoil and economic stagnation..." is still as true today as it was in September 2008, and I still have no reason to discard my statement of March 2010 that "the recent improvement of the global economy... is just one more deception in a long series of deceptions that have plagued policy makers and investors..."
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