Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quo vadis, China?

After Bo Xilai, Which Way Is China’s Red Ferrari Headed?
“Seek truth from facts,” goes an old Chinese saying favored by Deng Xiaoping. That injunction should also apply to the story of Bo Xilai, the recently ousted party chief of Chongqing whose fall has become something of a morality tale.
To hear some tea-leaf readers tell it, the high-flying Bo was the creator of the “Chongqing model,” a program that melded support for state-owned enterprises and measures to help the poor with a relentless campaign against crime and corruption and a rekindling of revolutionary fervor...
The real lesson of Bo’s downfall is that the Communist Party as a whole is losing its ability to stay on top of public disaffection with widespread corruption and rising inequality...

Comment: Most countries outside of Europe and the US have traditionally a very hard time to change. Will China make it? Doubts still remain.

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