Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ECP plays with financial dynamite

ECB Balance Sheet Jumps to a Record $3.96 Trillion Amid Lending to Banks

The European Central Bank’s balance sheet surged to a record 3.02 trillion euros ($3.96 trillion) last week, 31 percent bigger than the German economy, after a second tranche of three-year loans.
Lending to euro-area banks jumped 310.7 billion euros to 1.13 trillion euros in the week ended March 2, the Frankfurt-based ECB said in a statement today. The balance sheet gained 330.6 billion euros in the week. It is now more than a third bigger than the U.S. Federal Reserve’s $2.9 trillion and eclipses the 2.3 trillion-euro gross domestic product ofGermany (EUANDE), the world’s fourth largest economy.
Comment: The "new, new" thing" may be a hyperinflation that comes quasi over night. Under theses circumstances it is not avisable to hold cash. The flow of money into hard assets will continue.

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