Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Greece crashing

What to do about Greece

Its insolvent economy needs a bigger debt reduction. A precipitous exit from the euro would be a disaster

GREECE, progenitor of the euro zone’s debt drama, is back at centre-stage. The reason is a battle between the Greek government, its European and IMF rescuers, and the holders of Greek bonds over the terms of a “voluntary” reduction in its private debts. Greece’s economy is in far worse shape than when the outlines of a deal were put together last October, so there is a bigger financial hole to plug. Germany and other rescuers don’t want to offer more money, not least because Greece’s politicians have broken so many of the promises they made to reform. Bondholders don’t want to take a bigger hit.
Comment: Tragedy or farce? Hardball or chicken game? High finance deep under.

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