Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Soon their heads may roll

'Rich Kids of Instagram': Overserved and Oversharing

First came Paris Hilton. Then the documentary about heirs of the One Percent, "Born Rich," and MTV's series "My Super Sweet 16." Now comes the dot-com version of silver-spoon voyeurism: "The Rich Kids of Instagram."
The blog on Tumblr features photos set in gilded frames of rich kids and wanna-bes in various states of excess, undress and indulgence, and ever since its launch last month, "The Rich Kids of Instagram" has touched off a firestorm of debate over rich kids and social media.
Comment: There are good rich and bad rich like there are good poor and bad poor. What's disturbing about recent trends is that in as much as many more poor have gotten bad, much worse have gotten the rich, particularly their kids. This does not bode well. This is the prelude to a time when the heads will roll, and it won't be the heads of the poor that will roll, because the poor are in the majority.

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