Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ireland votes aye

Ireland's referendum on the fiscal compact

Irish ayes

IRELAND’S voters endorsed the European fiscal compact on May 31st, but they did so without great enthusiasm in a referendum in which half the electorate failed to vote. Still, this result in favour of ratifying a treaty that sets out rules to control the debt and deficit of euro-zone members (60.29% for, 39.71% against) was greeted with relief by Enda Kenny, the prime minister, who had staked both his government’s and his own reputation on a win for the “Yes” camp. The outcome closely mirrored the opinion polls, which had indicated solid public support for the treaty throughout a dull campaign.
Comment: You still believe that you're kept well informed by the mainstream media and the popular pundits? Surely not. Did anybody notice that Ireland voted "yes" - how about if the opposite result had happened. The discrepacny between what published and what's happening has always been large. Now it is even larger.

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