Sunday, November 13, 2011

Towards an ever greater union

Merkel: EU Must Move Toward Closer Political Union

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it’s time to move toward closer political union in Europe to send a message to bondholders that euro-area leaders are serious about ending the sovereign debt crisis.
Speaking on the eve of her Christian Democratic Union party’s annual congress in the eastern German city of Leipzig, Merkel said that she wants to preserve the euro with all current 17 members. “But that requires a fundamental change in our whole policy,” she said.
“I believe this is important for those who buy government bonds: that we make it clear that we want more Europe step by step, that is that the European Union, and the euro area in particular, grows together,” Merkel said in an interview...
Comment: It seems as if the political class had only waited for the crisis to happen to move forward with the plan to create a United States of Europe.

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