Saturday, October 29, 2011

Euro fund under scrutiny

EU May Struggle to Keep Euphoria as Post-Summit Scrutiny Deepens

European leaders may struggle to maintain the euphoria that drove the euro to its biggest one-day gain in more than a year as scrutiny deepens on their latest attempt to stem the region’s turmoil. 

What is curious to me is a picture with Cameron, given the fact Britain is not a member state of the Eurozone (Britain is only part of the E.U.) and didn´t participate in the important wednesday meeting.
Americans like the ones in Bloomberg get a distorted vision from the Eurozone because they have still their base in London instead of the Eurozone (Frankfurt and Brussels) In Britain the media ihas been always mostly Europhobic and doesn´t like the Federalist idea. An American would understand much better what is going on in Europe than a Briton, as in several areas it took place in the USA decades ago.
Neither Americans nor the Eurozone need a British intermediary to treat with each other.

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