Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In my opinion

In my opinion, the stock market will have a volatile recovery through August and September. Mid-September may see more pronounced weaknesses. As of now it seems that all sails are set to have a major calamity in October encompassing not only stocks but also bonds.
Good investments have become rare. It is hard to think of an investment that seems better than having a Rolls Royce, Goldfinger style. Sell your home in London, move to the country side. Get a place with a garage where you can hide your golden Rolls Royce. Fill up its trunk with silver coins. Don't forget to stack the cellar of your house with good wines. Get a generator and diesel supply. Your friends will be thankful for having a place where they can reload their Ipods and MP3 players. Store as much books as you can on your Kindle. Teach Austrian economics to your kids and grandchildren.

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